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Empower Med Mirror

Empower Med Mirror is a dynamic pill box made of wood with a mirror in the center. The goal was to destigmatize bipolar disorder and lead people living with it into acceptance and empowerment. A beautiful medication dispenser can be both a reminder and a part of any room.


Surf and Turf Coozies

Surf and Turf Coozies are beverage sleeves made of upcycled wetsuits and reclaimed outdoor gear material. They were designed to bring awareness to climate change. The project brought together sustainable usability and the outdoor experience of Colorado.



Foodr. is a brand and app concept that connects roommates to better their relationships with one another. For college students there can be conflict in the kitchen. The app is a third-party mediator that makes it easier for users to share food and chores.

The Eye

The Eye was a project that challenged designers to tell someone else's story with a labyrinth. I turned it into a hand held game that expressed a person's experience as both a camper and later a counselor.

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